Thursday, July 01, 2004

Pete Townsend to Issue Apology Venerable rock star and clean living advocate Pete Townsend is set to issue an apology today over what he has recently claimed is a misinterpreted lyric. Apparently the guitarist-song writer for the British rock band The Who, did not mean to write "hope I die before I get old" as part of the rock anthem, My Generation. "Yeah, I am well... really sorry about that lyric. I mean its bad enough that I can't hear any of the higher register but now that I am old, I recognize that the word choice was pretty poorly chosen. And for that, I apologize." Townsend's retraction of a lyric that many consider to be rock poetry has been embraced by the AARP which has advocated for a change to that lyric since its inception. "Clearly now Pete will go with the friendlier 'hope I die before I get cold' line that we have been pushing!" declared an AARP spokesperson. He continued, "Getting cold could be related to health problems or lack of blood circulation...or..." the spokesperson did not continue his statement as he fell asleep at the podium during an 8:30am press conference. Certianly the reaction to such a lyric change will be wide ranging throughout the music industry.
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