Thursday, July 01, 2004

Magical Misery Tour From the LA Times: Dick Cheney Taking a Bus through Three States:
Cheney, for instance, is being dispatched this weekend on a two-day bus tour through Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania — an unusual assignment in these battleground states for someone who acknowledges that he is less comfortable with the flash of retail politics than with "solid, serious conversation."
Apologies again Mr. Townshend. While Halliburton Bills not me but you (Fuck You, Magic Bus) I get on the bus that Bush eschews (Fuck You, Magic Bus) I'm so turgid, I just sit and smirk (Fuck You, Magic Bus) FoxNews says Pat Leahy's a goddamn jerk (Fuck You, Magic Bus) Thanks, direct current, for keeping me here (Fuck You, Magic Bus) I've been inspected, only Fitzgerald to fear (Fuck You, Magic Bus) I don't want to cotton no truck (Fuck You, Magic Bus) But I advise you, you have only yourself to Fuck (Fuck You, Magic Bus) Nooooooooo! I only care how much I'm paid (Fuck You, Magic Bus) I do this cus' my ticker cannot take getting laid (Fuck You, Magic Bus)
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