Thursday, July 01, 2004

I Really Missed the Chase with the White Van and the Wacky Note with the Smiley Faces in it But its the new century and until CNN tells us how important the Scott Peterson case is, this will have to do. Saddam's Early Game of Charades was a big hit with his former cronies, oh how Tariq Azziz laughed at that one. Saddam becomes sad when he is informed that his old friend Ronald Reagan passed away. Apparently, Saddam, in addition being indicted, has to go to the DMV and get his license renewed. An animated Saddam moments after being informed that Ruppert lost on "Survior". In a move sure to confound the Bush Administration, Saddam claims that "Fahrenheit 911" is filled with lies. A thoughtful Saddam looks back wistfully on the good old days. Look, I thought Ms. Myolrie knew that we had no future, sometimes any port in a storm you know. Hey, you try running this country...oh, that's right you're not allowed to. Hah, I kill me, but then I kill everybody. Got it? Good, now watch this drive!
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