Wednesday, June 02, 2004

I'd Like the DNC to Be Advised That first of all, my principals and scruples have a price. That price is a free trip to the Democratic National Convention in Boston. Such a price would enable even greater and more substantive syncophantic coverage than is normally found here, and that is truly saying something given the state of my knees. Furthermore, I promise to stay at least 100 feet away from Stephanie Herseth and Alexandra Kerry (but I'll keep the picture thank you very much). Now, granted I'm not a big cheese like Atrios, or Kos, Josh Marshall, or even Corrente or Pandagon. But the DNC has always been about the little guy, the man or woman of the people looking to have just a chance to make it in the big time. To date, through what I am sure is a mere oversight, neither myself, nor I believe DeDurkheim, have received an invitation. It would be most swell and generous if you were to give us some bling bling.
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