Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Flip Floppin' Away At a time when having a brain and using it is increasingly under attack. Come on even if Kerry was not your first choice among democrats, is there any doubt that he does use his cranial capacity? But no, this is what the Bush Idiot Machine calls "flip flopping." Sad. So, since Bush changed his opinion on alcohol (once was for it, no -- in the words of his father -- "its bad, bad." So, Ok Bush is against alcohol now. He really should let his daughters know his stance, eh?) and changed his idea of religion (did not care for it, then decided it was central to his life). I wonder what else we could accuse Bush of "flip flopping" on? Or we could call the charge what it is, using your mind and deciding that your previous opinion was wrong or needed revision. I wonder if we could accuse Rumsfeld of "flip flopping" on Iraq (once a friend, then the epitome of all that is evil and a totalitarian state), UBL (once a friend, then the epitome of that is evil and dangerous terrorist). Boy given these contradictions, who the hell hasn't ever "flip flopped?"
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