Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Scary Story of the Day Kudo's to ABC News for taking note of this story, typically the kind of thing we rely on newspapers or the BBC for. In the Congo, after years of civil war, the uranium mining is unregulated and the source of quick wealth to numerous random poor. Who are the selling too? Nobody knows.
"They're digging as fast as they can dig, and everyone is buying it," John Skinner, a mining engineer in the nearby town of Likasi, said of the illegal freelance mining at Shinkolobwe. "The problem is that nobody knows where it's all going. There is no control." The raw uranium is an inadvertent addition to the miners' real prize high-grade cobalt in lucrative concentrations and there is no evidence Congo's uranium is being spirited away to terrorists. The United States, which pressured Kabila to close the mine out of concern over the uranium, said in March it did not believe there was any "worrisome movement" of the radioactive ore at Shinkolobwe. But some proliferation experts worry because the digging is uncontrolled, and they caution that even small amounts should be tracked for misuse.
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