Tuesday, June 01, 2004

The Moz is back and Political From the New Musical Express in a report published on May 28. The musician and former frontman for The Smiths is one of a host of English and American music stars who have signed a Unite Against Fascism petition. MORRISSEY, FRANZ FERDINAND and THE STROKES are among a host of bands who have signed an anti-fascist petition as fears grow that the BRITISH NATIONAL PARTY could win a seat on the LONDON ASSEMBLY after the forthcoming Mayoral elections. The artists have signed the Unite Against Fascism petition at uaf.org.uk as the London Assembly and local elections draw near (June 10). At the last London Assembly elections in 2000, the BNP won 3% of the vote, and there was a 31% turnout. This time around the turnout is expected to be as low as 27%. The BNP only need 5% to win a seat on the London Assembly, and recent polls have suggested they will reach that target. London Mayor Ken Livingstone said in a statement to NME.COM today (May 28): "The BNP is a racist party, not a "respectable" party. The BNP needs just 5 per cent of the vote to get a seat on the London Assembly. To win a seat, the BNP need a low turnout. If you want to stop the fascists in London, use your vote." The acts who have signed up so far are: Adem Bernard Butler Ed from The Chemical Brothers Cinema Clearlake Damien Rice The Datsuns David Gray Dan Martin from Electric 6 Four Tet (Kieron Hebden) Franz Ferdinand Future Pilot AKA The Glitterati Hood Hot Chip James Yorkston and The Athletes Jarvis Cocker King Creosote and The Fence Collective Kings Of Leon Ladytron The Libertines Suggs and Madness Max Tundra Morrissey Orbital Peaches Saint Etienne The Strokes Teenage Fanclub X is Loaded Now do you think we can get a similar movement of musicians started against fascist trends in America?
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