Wednesday, June 02, 2004

The Right-Wing Crank Wagon, Ever May it Roll In the interest of a fair and balanced review, I would like to inform the "Right-Wing" that "The Day After Tomorrow" is a wacky "end o' the world movie" a timeless cinema formula. It takes what is legitimate science and extrapolates it into disaster oriented trauma, for the entertainment of you, the $9 paying public.Perhaps, many of these righties had the same thing to say about "Signs", right? Looking further, "Towering Inferno" took a recognized concept "architectural design" and made a big ole flaming skyscraper out of it. "The Poseidon Adventure" did the same thing with that radical concept, the cruiseliner. The ghost of Irwin Allen (is he dead?) still reigns strong in Hollywood. I'd like to add, that "The Passion" also had its share of conjecture in it at the end, the whole rising from the dead thing. Although the director's cut where Jesus arises from the grave; rolls the stone away with his cold-undead wholly hands; kicks some Pharisee ass, and then tries to protect a tanker truck full of gasoline from a group of bike-ridin' Roman Legionnaires will have some of these same wags really talking.
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