Thursday, June 24, 2004

Chickenhawk Supreme: This weeks MILKY LOAD Winner It's one thing for Provincetown's Premiere War-Slut to want both his native and adopted country's troops to risk their lives over where the Tigris & Euphrates meet, i.e. Clusterfuckraq, but his cowardice doesn't end there.
I will generally go see anything. I even sat through "The Passion of the Christ." But I cannot bring myself to go to this piece of vile, hateful propaganda. I walked out of "Roger and Me" years ago, before Michael Moore was Michael Moore. I know who he is. I refuse to sit in a theater and subject myself to lies and hate.
In other words, he hasn't and won't see it, but he will sit there in his loafers, with the beagles looking up at him for more liva snaps, and declare "I WILL BE IGNORANT, AND YET CONDEMN." No wonder he'll end up supporting Chimpy. He couldn't sound more like the fundamentalists who would condemn him just for his homosexuality could he? Note to Andrew: I read your wretched blogdroppings before I comment on them. Cretin. But hey, congrats for winning the Milky Load award yet again.
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