Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Three P.M. Eastern And not an additional word from the Corner of Insanity, or Sully the Silly, on the NYTimes admitting most of its major pre-war stories may as well have been claiming "Mr. Green with a Wrench in the Conservatory" by Judith Miller. However, the gang at Witless Street & Doltish Avenue are having a...dare I say it?...GAY old time on Al Gore's speech this morning where the man who won the election criticized the man who stole the election along with our soul. But what does that matter. Kathryn Lopez has found an opportunity that, for her, comes along less often then it does for the cicadas a chance to score a roll in the hay (with special highlighting of the subliminable parts):
IT'S FLEET WEEK! [KJL] The Corner should go live from a ship or something. Although that does mean going all the way over to the West side. (If you're averse to NYC, I just lost you, I'm sure.) I think we could make the sacrifice... Posted at 09:17 AM
Well Sailor, for the good of your country, go jump on that grenade!
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