Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Thumbs up What's up with the thumbs-up in the US-Iraq torture photos...? Was this was due to bad training? Yeah, right? Or does it say something much deeper about what the American military? Something about the Culture of Conquerors who pose with human beings as if they were trinkets to be sent home via the electronic superdeduper highway. "Ma! Come look at the pictures Ricky sent us from the front!" And the nutcase rights are screaming about how you dehumanize the military during wartime. Michael Savage (not the name he was born with but that was not radio ready)on last Thursday's radio broadcast of the oh so aptly titled Savage Nation wanted the news to follow lock step behind the desires of Chimperor and his followers (remember, God is watching now...). He claimed that only treasonous Americans would focus on these pictures. Reports should carry the same language of "destruction", "bombing", and "blasting" that was used in World War Two. Nevermind that they are entirely different conflicts. Nevermind the issue of legitimacy. Nevermind life. Talk about a prayer for cultural suicide.
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