Tuesday, May 25, 2004

"In a house full of secrets the truth doesn't matter..." Following recent "analysis" and a five point chatter masking as a plan, thoughts, or some kind of faux redemption for those who seek their beautiful prize. The Chimperor doesn't say anything any more. And I can bear no longer his anger, his misshapen misogyny, his hatred at life that seems to lurk just behind the smirk! We should always be wary of psychologizing the ideological interests of the Bush regime, or assumming the two sides of the coin are separate, but W's rantings last night suggest to me that there is some gross distortions of reality going on here. Reminds me of analyses of propaganda, constant linking of Iraq to terrorism that did not exist before the invasion, reference to Iraq as friend although 80% of Iraqis want us out, and without the Kurds the figure is closer to 98%. What does BushChaneyINC mean when they talk about creating freedom and democracy? In my other life, as a human being, I am greatly concerned about being kind to one another. Don't we all teach our children to be kind? Regardless of theoretical-religious-philosophic framework, most see that democratic governance, no matter how defined, has to be emergent and takes a long time to nurture and take root. For us it takes collectivity, hard work, and kindness, but that process hardly even exists in Iraq, and in Corporate Metropolis it barely is visible. Yes, many of the domestic and foreign intellectuals may embrace a parlimentary style government, but I just don't see Iraq resembling a democracy in the next few years. Lebanon in 1970-1980s is far more likely. What is the future of Iraq? How many democracies have been built by this ragin' Hegemon known as the US of A. In fact, we have created more despotic tryrants who claim legitimacy in the name of the people, stable region (fill in the name of the region), democracy, and oil (don't forget the oil!), and if anyone complains, the "peoples" secret police step in. Shut up or die. Ok ok its all turning to poo poo in large part because W and neo-cons world view is idealistic in the sense of not connected to political material realities. It would have been nice if the Iraqis threw flower petals out, the well produced 100 million buck a year, and the Jefferson of Iraq stepped forward. The Chimperor told us that God told him this would happen. Not sure what God that was, when most folks hear voices, they need treatment, especially when acompanied by visions of either a glorious world, or a mass exodus of nude bodies going to heaven. Ok try this out, now the latest blame for the Iraqi fiasco is Iran, its their fault.
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