Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Is there a more Pathetic Thing? The gang at the intersection of Heartbreak Street & Psioris Avenue are all a-twitter, I kiddith not, at the prospect of having a hacktacular party at Kate O'Beirn's house. Kathryn Lopez, who will be fortunate to be invited to her own funeral, is chattering about it incessently. Whaaaaaa? Now, I'm no Wonkette, but I have a semblance of what constitutes a good party... Jesus - Could always get the food & drink together, but usually a downer and didn't make one feel good about how YOU are doing. He was always "so holier than thou" about everything. And the 30 silver piece cover charge...oy! Caligula - Threw a Good Party...didn't always end so hot, but that's true of most good parties. Lucrezia Borgia - Certainly decent production value but the appetizers left a little to be desired. Oscar Wilde - See below, maybe not everyone's cup o'tea bagging, but still probably lived up to his name. Ghandi - No food, no booze, and who ever thought BYOD ("Bring Your Own Diaper") was a good theme? OTOH, no shirt, no shoes, no problem. I'm just guessing that a party at Kate O'Beirn's house has all of the bad elements of the above, plus a drunken John Derbyshire asking to be the meat in a Rich Lowry, John Podhoratz sandwich. Nudity, sodomy, debauchery, with lousy food and ending in virtual death, usually overwrought with a massiah-complex. In other words, for Jonah and his mom, "just another Saturday".
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