Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Osama & Iran do their B.A. Baracus: "We Love it When a Plan Comes Together" Ah, Chimpy and the 101st Keyboarders most prominent remaining argument of the war in Iraq being a fight to harm Al Qaeda's power. Surprise, it is all a fairy tale.
Al Qaeda has more than 18,000 militants ready to strike and the U.S.-led occupation of Iraq has accelerated recruitment to the ranks of Osama bin Laden's network, a leading London think-tank said on Tuesday... It said al Qaeda was reported to be exporting extremism on a global scale with "middle managers" providing planning, logistical advice, material and financing to smaller groups in Saudi Arabia and Morocco and probably Indonesia and Kenya. The IISS said the Madrid train bombings in March suggested al Qaeda had now fully reconstituted and had set its sights firmly on the United States and its closest allies in Europe.
So, what's left? Any other arguments fellas?
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