Wednesday, May 26, 2004

For the Third Straight Year, Attaturk is Proud to Announce He has seen not a minute of "American Idol". Nor a second of it, other than what the besweatered Carol Costello forces me to watch upon the CNN in the morning. By the way, being an anonymously monikered Internet-Blog Boy allows me to proclaim this from my perch next to the 101st Keyboarder compound, I have a beautiful singing voice. The notes I emote are so pure and reminiscent of the most talented castrato that I when I sing, like Usher, I have to check myself just to make sure my peanuts are still in the shell. I cannot say its easy to possess such a talent. A dude playing the female lead in Tarandot makes Nessum Dorma lose much of its vigor, but I do try to carry on. However, when the little-boy elvish parts of the Lord of the Rings soundtrack need to be sung...I am so on top of it. Is it any wonder I can anonymously proclaim I am such a hit with the ladies?
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