Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Steady Stream of Intelligence... RANT ENABLED Nice CNN says White House claims the generic "terrorists" plan an attack on 'murica in a manner aimed at influencing the elections in November. Great, nice of the "'1984-THEME NAME' SECURITY" Department to put out a politically tinged warning that all their little minions will tout such a prospective effort as trying to make us "Like Spain". Consider this fact (as foreign as that idea sounds to you), you dumb pricks, Spain's elections were close to begin with and Aznar's sycophancy to Bush was always unpopular, when the voters saw Aznar play politics with the bombings and try to falsely blame the Basques the combination of the two defeated him. Al Qaeda didn't defeat him, his own Bush-Like stupidity and arrogance did. So stuff that into your gob to help fill the vacuum in your ears Jonah, Sully, Safire, the whole goddamned, intellectually bankrupt, lot of you! If Usama and his boys try to hit us, it is not an attempt to defeat our Chimperor, its an endorsement! They'd love nothing more than the greatest rallying figure Islamic Fascists ever had to be put in office for another 4 years. If 'murica reelects the cretin, they will leap with joy (or fire their guns off in the air) as being an endorsement by all of us of his loutish, rapture-hopin', hissy-fit foreign policy; and his slogan-based, color-scheme of a homeland security administration. RANT DISABLED.
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