Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Me Talk Pretty One Day A fine book, from the funny David Sedaris (btw David, your sister Amy is hot!) Anyhoo, we here at Rising Hegemon do read your comments -- if for no other reason than, well, there aren't many. Like Pavlov's dogs we are drawn to the feedback. A commentor also posted in Atrios' comments, so we found what the Sam Hill, he was talking about, and what it was, was yet another command underperformance of the Preznit. This should put to an end any speculation that I am a blog-whore. The War on Terror may be a matter of debate, but Bush's War on the Spoken Word is all over but the smirking. Hear the damage at the audio link provided here as he manages to say that General Ricardo "Don't Call Him Dirty" Sanchez performed "Exemplarary" service to our country. It's about a minute in.
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