Wednesday, May 26, 2004

New Bush Whistleblower Policy The UPI is reporting that the army kept a soldier who disagreed with Iraqi war policy locked in psychiatic ward for almost two weeks. Then... and prepare yourself for this... they charged him for it! Maybe the Bushies are on to something here. Let's turn this around and use it as a force for good. Consider the possibilities... Rush, Savage, Hannity, Coulter, among countless other obviously mentally ill right wingers could be placed into protective mental health custody. This would not only help them get their selves together but would be a valuable public service. Coulter could learn not to hate people who act, look, or think differently than her. Rush could get over his "little Blue Babies" and learn how to tell the truth. Hannity could experience a peaceful setting where one determines policy and position based on what is best for the country not your country club buddies. And Michael Savage could get treatment for his anger management problems and learn that it is not nice to call people mean names just because someone shoves a microphone in your face. Ah... and why not stop there. Chaney, Wolfie, and Rummy could all use help with their obvious paranoid psychoses. Why even the incompetent chimperor could get the help he needs for his dyslexia and dementia! Powell could visit and bring them the chocolates that would circulate like currency among the right wing ward. And then like the Army, we could even charge them for the cost of the services that they receive. No cost for the public. Sounds like a win all the way around.
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