Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Another Scripted News Conference? Will the "Cult of Personality" have to speak off the cuff tonight? This will the the whopping THIRD prime-time Press Conference of the Dubya Administration tonight. Unfortunately, Simon Cowell will not be there to tell the "American I-Dolt" to get a "real job" and start wearing black shirts (you know most Republicans long to wear them anyway -- for those of you not up on your 1920s Italian politial movements I will NOT explain the joke to you ... any further). For his last "magical" appearance Bush and the wellbutrin-laced press corp engaged in scripted answers to scripted questions, as the Bush Adminstration admitted. I would imagine more of the same tonight. Does anybody seriously think that Bush could handle the press asking him questions in a manner that required both comprehension and thinking on one's feet? Just because every other modern President including his father and even Reagan could do it doesn't mean that he can manage it.
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