Monday, April 12, 2004

Another Flip-Flop But I'll praise them for it (damningly and faintly of course). Apparently, having stated forthrightly that they will get all of the criminals of Fallujah and also Al Sadr dead or alive. Somebody (probably the IGC) managed to combine with poll numbers domestically to convince the Bush Administration that they needed to stop the killing ASAP. I know there are more than a few neanderthals that want to kill as many as possible -- or unleash the MOAB -- but it is clear by now all the United States can avoid now in Iraq is an honorable withdraw with a spin that we allow the Iraqi's to pursue their destiny. Gone forever, is the lofty and always empty rhetoric of a democratic Iraqi Republic as a bulwark in the Arab world ready to make peace with Israel. In place is a hope for a government that is, at least, not as bad as Saddam. That, of course, is another flip-flop and the admission that this is indeed the policy will never even be hinted at by the Bush Administration (if it can avoid it) until after November. It is also an admission that (1) the remnants of the Iraqi army are still there and organizing seize tactics in Fallujah; (2) you cannot engage in a seige -- even with today's highly lethal American Army when you are substantially outnumbered (the U.S. has about 2,000 soldiers surrounding Fallujah a city of 200,000); (3) The longer a seige goes on by an occupying army, the more the population without turns against you. Fallujah used to be a detested city throughout most of Iraq -- now it's the symbol of Anti-American resistance. There is now a chance there will be quiet (relative quiet -- and just a chance). But it is doubtful Iraq will stay quiet that long. This is but a temporary lull. UPDATE: Nevermind -- they flipped back to being tragically foolish.
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