Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Flip Flop, Bush Minion's Edition In the wake of the invasion, the man then in charge, General Jay Garner wanted to keep some of the structure of the Iraqi Army and Police in place -- particularly at the lower level. However, Garner's idea was quickly objected to by the PNAC clique in the Pentagon and Garner was soon gone, replaced by Bremer who de-Bathified by completely disbanding both the military and the police. Oops. However, in desperation to get the problem fixed, the worst scenario that led to de-Bathification is being reversed, they are calling back the senior leaders. In other words, they are contemplating bringing back Saddam's bastards. That doesn't sound good. "We've got to get more senior Iraqis involved, former military types involved in the security forces," Gen Abizaid said. "In the next couple of days, you'll see a large number of senior officers being appointed to key positions in the ministry of defence and in Iraqi joint staff and in Iraqi field commands. And General [Ricardo] Sanchez [commander of coalition forces in Iraq] and I are very much involved in the vetting and placing of these officers and I can tell you the competition for these positions have been fierce." So how is that last strand of the "humanitarian" aspect justifying the invasion holding up now?
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