Monday, March 29, 2004

In Salute to Condi Rice, I just want to say... Over the weekend, when meeting with a handful of my advisors (cleverly disguised as dogs [Teddy Salad?]) I unrolled a map of Afghanistan upon my table. OOPS, just like the Bush Administration...I meant this one Now, Condi did admit last night that Richard Clarke's claim that Bush pulled him aside and told him to see if Saddam was responsible for 9/11 actually DID occur. Remember this when judging credibility please -- "we first said it didn't happen -- now we say, when there are several corrobarating witnesses that it DID." Her excuse was that the Administration was actually concerned that Iraq would interfere with operations in Afghanistan. Now, considering the United States had no fly zones in two-thirds of Iraq that threat to Afghanistan operations must be because they are right next to each other right? Um, no. Such a stupid argument, it is almost credible -- well, except for the incredibly stupid part.
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