Friday, March 26, 2004

Prediction Friday At present CNN is reporting within a story: Thursday evening, White House Counsel Alberto Gonzales asked members of the [9/11] commission to hold another private meeting with Rice. Two predictions over the weekend: 1. Further intesification of the Shit Storm coming. Heavy liquidity followed by greater solidity. A storm the White House will clearly lose...UNTIL... 2. The White House will seize upon some critique or political cartoon of Rice to play the "RACE CARD" [as opposed to the "RICE CARD"] and try to build up public sympathy for Rice in doing so. I merely foretell. And shake my head in disgust. UPDATE: Just now posted by Josh Marshall my prediction of the Race Card is already having its ground work laid. This is truly sickening. Wingnuts, are you truly proud of this kind of crap? Is POWER so important to you that you will see it preserved via unsubstantiate speculatory vomit by the likes of Ann "Kill or Convert all the Arabs" Coulter and Bob "Out a CIA Agent? Hey, no problem, just lower the Capital Gains tax" Novak? I tremble, at what I feel is likely an answer. I feel something along the lines of... wait for it..."I BLAME CLINTON!". Have they no shame? [Sadly, only Rhetorical with those two] *shaking head in disgust*
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