Thursday, March 25, 2004

Tom Delay, may Exterminate Political Career According to the Calpundit, I mean obsessesive Cat Lover, I mean Political Animal the nation's best known semi-fictional Bug Killer extraordinaire Tom Delay is in so much trouble he may have to check himself out of his leadership position. Some of them there, publications can subscribe to The Hill, some of us just steal from those who steal from it, and I'm one of those. Calpu...I mean Political Animal says: House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas) has begun quiet discussions with a handful of colleagues about the possibility that he will have to step down from his leadership post temporarily if he is indicted by a Texas grand jury investigating alleged campaign finance abuses. ...Republican Conference rules state that a member of the elected leadership who has been indicted on a felony carrying a penalty of at least two years in prison must temporarily step down from the post. Apparently, a prosecutor in Texas has ....wait for it.... opened up a Can of Raid (I know, I'm even groaning) and Tom DeLay -- the most beloved man in Congress [if a tragic accident killed off the other 434 members] is in real danger of being Martha Stewart's Prison Bitch.
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