Friday, March 26, 2004

Gee, I do hope we can remember this? Will the Press? But for Atrios, I would never know this exists. But here's a little dittie for those who say Mr. Clarke is LYING when he says the Bush Administration did not take Al Queda as seriously as the Clinton Administration. Go here about half-way down to "INSIDE POLITICS: APRIL 30, 2001" The State Department officially released its annual terrorism report just a little more than an hour ago, but unlike last year, there's no extensive mention of alleged terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden. A senior State Department official tells CNN the U.S. government made a mistake in focusing so much energy on bin Laden and "personalizing terrorism." But since Clarke wrote a book, and might make money (heaven's capitalism -- does the GOP hate that now?) he must not be honest. Even, apparently, if the facts support his position about the Administration. I really must recommend that trip in the way-back machine to CNN on 4/30/01 -- the whole transcript is full of irony from the very beginning. You'd laugh -- if you were not already crying.
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