Saturday, July 10, 2004

The BFuck Stops Here What good is a blog if you cannot post again and again about a question you cannot get your brain wrapped around. Remember the tired, but still relevant Truman saying, THE BUCK STOPS HERE... Well, the Republicans sure pulled that old saw out a bit against Clinton when he demurred on whether an intern gave him the "slurpee of luv", but I don't recall anybody saying it was George Tenet's fault. But in the last two days alone we've gotten the following claims from the GOP: 1. The Dog ate my records when I was in the Nat'l Guard; and 2. The basis I used for taking the country to war pretty much turned out to be a complete crock of shite, but don't look at me, I'm just a simple President, it was Tenet's fault. THAT IS SUPPOSED TO BE LEADERSHIP? Remember what a Leader Chimpy McFlightsuit is supposed to be, his steely resolve, his determination... And now not a jot, not a tittle, not an iota is supposed to be laid at the doorstep of this Smirking Cipher? Oy! November cannot get here soon enough.
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