Saturday, July 10, 2004

Trusty and Wolfy lie, lie lie... ...And what is the result? Of course, we were told that: "Our soliders will be welcomed as liberators!" - Paul Wolfowitz. But away from Neo Con fantasy-land, we find that the Iraqi war have created the problem it meant to solve. From The NYT: The 10th-century Imam Ali shrine, one of the most revered sites in Shiite Iraq, where once pilgrims came by the millions to kiss the giant wooden doors, is under the control of his ragtag militia. His men, even after bruising battles with American troops, still guard the checkpoints leading to the old city. His recruits, some too young to shave, stand sentry at the shrine gates, barking at women old enough to be their mothers. At 23, with no more than a primary school education and a short stint as a soldier in Saddam Hussein's army, Mustafa Jabbar says he and his wife stand ready to be martyrs for Mr. Sadr's movement. If need be, he said, they will volunteer their first born as well, a baby boy, now 45 days old. "I will put mines in the baby and blow him up," Mr. Jabbar said. He has named the baby Moktada. I can't wait to see how they lie in the future. Wait a minute, sure I can.
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