Thursday, June 03, 2004

Six-Figures for Crap improves the Tithing and the Writhing After speaking of graduates from Ivy League Schools (Dame Peggy cannot spend her quality time at those lowly State Colleges with the unwashed masses) she talks about their pristine beauty in appearance... OK...Peggy, Attaturk went to lowly state schools, I don't need additional reasons for jealously toward privileged college brats. But as stated above the following statement just stupifies (but its Nooners so who can be surprised):
They believe racial and sexual diversity is good, peace is better than war, religious fanaticism is bad. But they don't want to spout clich├ęs--that's not why they went to Cornell. And they know their work will not draw attention if it is marked by tired and essentially noncontroversial ideas. No one thinks war is sweet, there's no market for racial segregation or male chauvinism. I see no sign they are going to start thinking anything truly unusual for their time and generation--that religious conversion can be a wholly beneficial and life changing event, for instance, or that breaking with liberal orthodoxy might be the beginning of wisdom.
Um, not to suggest that you are nothing but Ann Coulter with a country club membership, but implies "Wisdom" means: -- Racial and Sexual Diversity is BAD; -- War is BETTER than Peace; -- Religious Fanaticism is GOOD. Wow, I believe in all that stuff, yet I lack wisdom? You see what it all comes down to for Peggy is this. NOONER wants more religious nutjobs...being religious and marshall means tres sexy, more national manliness. She's a nice woman who just happens to think like a fascist. Nooners thinks she's Camille Paglia with a bible in her hand and a hunger for a frolicksome cabana boy. When Peggy wants real "man love" she looks no further than George Bush whose inarticulateness is made up for by the fact that Peggy is his translator. Ugh.
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