Thursday, June 03, 2004

Search Engine Fun According to Extreme Tracking, this blog over the last couple of days was visited by individuals who found it using these search terms:
01 Jun, Tue, 08:10:24 Google: The value system of the hegemon country 01 Jun, Tue, 08:52:20 Google: "Kerry dd214" 01 Jun, Tue, 11:02:09 Google: gutbomb punk 01 Jun, Tue, 15:45:01 Google: William Howard Taft IV memo 01 Jun, Tue, 20:38:24 Google: churchill iraq ingrates famous quote new york times 01 Jun, Tue, 22:43:25 Google: Dr. Werner R. Lovenstein 01 Jun, Tue, 23:44:02 Google: "Lilly Dress""Unicorns" 02 Jun, Wed, 01:44:31 Google: Dr. Werner R. Lovenstein 02 Jun, Wed, 06:52:46 Google: troy shirtless 02 Jun, Wed, 10:07:38 Google: "parents empowerment act" congress opinion 02 Jun, Wed, 10:27:48 Google: Pat Buchanon Nightly show 02 Jun, Wed, 11:25:18 Google: loathsome friedman 02 Jun, Wed, 12:46:22 Google: "steven glass" + "jason blair" 02 Jun, Wed, 13:00:48 Google: dan senor 02 Jun, Wed, 13:24:32 Google: Chalabi sucks 02 Jun, Wed, 18:14:33 Google: general shinsiki 02 Jun, Wed, 19:55:04 Google: Smooth Hegemon 03 Jun, Thu, 00:57:18 Yahoo: osama ben virgin 03 Jun, Thu, 12:43:51 Google: "bamboo bike" indian 03 Jun, Thu, 12:57:55 Yahoo: rising hegemon
Some of these I just have to wonder. "Troy Shirtless"?; "Werner Lovenstein"?; "Gutbomb Punk"?
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