Thursday, June 03, 2004

For today at Least, it isn't just the Hegemon that is Rising I like a good dirty sex story here and there, and am quite content to type the f-word as a modifier and not just as a verb. Likewise, I can type nice words if I want like blowjob hummer, buttfuck backdoor, and my personal favorite, boobies boobies. But this morning the sex stories on the political blogosphere (at least the ones I visit) are running rampant. And since I have no sex stories of my own that I'd care to share, I will, as usual live vicariously through others. Over at Corrente, the Farmer writes in Drudge-like fashion (except for the sourcing being legitimate) about a pending sex scandal involving a Dominitrix and, amongst others, Bill "Double Down" Bennett. Surprisingly, the Dominitrix does not appear to be Ann Coulter.
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