Thursday, June 03, 2004

A More In Depth Analysis than What Comes out of Penthouse DeDurkheim wrote a piece about the Congressional Staffer fired from Ohio Senator Mike DeWine's Office last month for writing an explicit Blog about who she was having sex with, the method and on occasion, how much she was getting paid for doing so. Steve Gilliard gives us much more detail, and perhaps IMO a bit too much moral indignation at this staffer, Jessica Cutler. I think while it would be accurate to consider Ms. Cutler morally screwed up and correctly, well, a whore. I think its more appropriate to consider the other side of the equation which is that some of the folks who slept with her, and who are in power, are more morally bankrupt than she is. One of the perks of power, unfortunately, is that the power brokers often use their power for sex. The fact that they proclaim themselves to be moral arbiters makes them even more hypocritical. Nonetheless, for those of you who have fond memories of reading Penthouse Forum, Steve's blog today is for you. But, I of course, am no hypocrite (and conveniently have no power), I admit when it comes to sex, I am morally corrupt enough -- not to pay for sex (I'm too cheap for that) but to have thoughts about this picture of Cutler and Wonkette.
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