Thursday, May 27, 2004

You InstaPundit are is There (through history): Fire burns, says Urk, great spirit angry. Priam speaks to the naysayers, Greeks just comprised of a few undeadenders, sailing for home...left nice present. Over at Andrus Sullviticus he wisely opines, the Roman's position at Cannae is impregnable. Pachyderms soon to be footstools. Will our liberal scribes take note? Blogger, the (ORIGINAL) Tacitus tells us what the liberal tablets will not, that Nero is more popular than ever with the rank-in-file legionnaire. What the Times doesn't want you to know. Slaveholder Washington is barely holding his forces together, writes blogger Cornwallis fan. Indeed. War and Peace: Jaques LeCrois observes, things are not as bad in Russia as the fifth estate claims, Borodino win clearly indicates Alexander about to give up. What are they going to do, snow on us? LOL. Contrary to those abolitionist yankee papers, blogger Edmund Ruffin tells us the Confederacy's economic situation is better than ever especially with all the women-folks' urine we are making into gun-powder. French blogger Walsin Esterhazy says that Alfred Dreyfus is really diabolical and really jewish. Who will Zola accuse next?
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