Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Chalabi la la la Recent blogging on the alleged Iran/Chalabi connection reminded me again of a question that's been on my mind since I heard that the appointed regime has suddenly "turned on" Chalabi: Why? One of Chalabi's conditions for a new Iraqi government or sovereignty post-Saddam Hussein government thing must be that Iraq have full control of the oil within its borders and the revenues from that oil. Has this always been Chalabi's position? Or, is this a new position of Chalabi and the political faction he represents in that geo-region? Did this position have anything to do with the current investigations and accusations of the U.S. against Chalabi? I don't know. Why is Chalabi now on the U.S. "evil doer" list so quickly and yet few writers are seriously questioning this "change of heart." Now, if only BUSHCHANEYINC could get mad at some of their friends. I hear Rummy does a mean-spirited impersonation of Mr. Preznit.
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