Wednesday, May 26, 2004

AL Gore, Secret Crime figher? Who would have thought that Al Gore would be out there speaking truth to the brown shirts of BUSHCHANEYINC? Not me. That's for damn sure. Heck, I still can't forgive Gore for that whole Parents Music Resource Center thing! I know, I know it was far more of Tipper's doing (which is a great name for a "Washington wife" don't you think?) than Al himself. But the idea of giving such great free publicity to bands like Twisted Sister (what exactly is a twisted sister? Nevermind, I do not want to know!), WASP, and many other faceless nameless heavy we-hate-the-system metal bands. It really only made music for the mass consumption far worse in the 80s. Unless you were listening to alternative or college music when it mattered, than you get a free get out of music hell free card. But really, when did Al Gore wake up and smell the coffee? Where was this when he ran for president? See for yourself... Can't ya just picture Al in a Che hat talking about the revolution? Really, I'm serious here.
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