Saturday, May 22, 2004

A Splended little Nugget re: InstaPatriot Feline Fanactic and Washington Monthly California Affiliate , Kevin Drum, updates us on the "Peggy Noonan-Like" world that has become the world's most irrational bloggin' law professor, Instapuffin [Ed: But Sully says he writes so well?].
...there's one ray of sunshine in the unremitting stream of bad news that's assaulting us daily in this, the fourth year of George Bush's regency: Instapundit. He's been posting like a madman, as though he's decided to take on the task of bucking up the flagging morale of his fellow war supporters singlehandedly. 35 posts yesterday and 17 so far today! And this is one happy world he lives in: things in Iraq are going splendidly, all the problems you hear about are mere inventions of the liberal media, Nick Berg is still topping Google searches, the press is paying way too much attention to all that Abu Ghraib stuff, and the insurgency in Fallujah is well under control. It's a virtuoso display. But what I wonder is this: has he actually convinced himself that Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia, or does he know better and is just pretending otherwise? And which would be the more impressive performance?
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