Friday, May 21, 2004

Everything Sounds Better when you're Under the Influence But I'm not bitter... The punchlines write themselves from our winner of the "Milky Load".
IN THE EARLY MORNING: I was hoping to write this morning about Iraq but I'm too tired now after talking half the night chez Hitch. I'll check in later today to explain why a) I'm more encouraged than I have been and b) why I'm now persuaded that that wedding party story was and is bullshit. - 4:16:43 AM
1. Name dropping, is the domain of the pathetic, so it's up your alley I guess Li'l Roy Cohn. I suppose I'll just write I had dinner with Alexander Cockburn last night and he says you are a goddamned hypocritical idiot! 2. To paraphrase Eric Idle, "fuck you and your fucking bullshit" 3. "Chez Hitch" -- That's what passes for tres chic writing style Mr. Bunnypants?
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