Friday, May 21, 2004

This Pissant Little Blog won't direct that Many People There But man, is it nice to see Juan Cole pimp-slap "War Whore" Sullivan and his first class "Little Roy Cohn" routine as Eric Alterman first labeled it. And Sully is STILL doing it, as this blog noted yesterday he still goes incredibly overboard in attacking someone who points out on Iraq he is a morally empty vessel. This is near the end of Cole's most poignant take down:
Truth in advertising: Sullivan attacked me on his weblog Thursday as having lost all "moral compass" because I dared to point out that the US Department of Defense and its allies are now killing Marsh Arabs around Kut, Amara and Majar al-Kabir--the very Marsh Arabs Mr. Wolfowitz said he was invading Iraq to protect from Saddam, who also used to kill them. In those days they were called the Iraqi Hizbullah. Many of them now are allied with Muqtada al-Sadr. There is an enormous difference in scale between what Saddam did to them and what the Coalition has done since the beginning of April. But it is early days, after all. And in issues of ethics and hypocrisy, scale is less important than principle. I take it as a compliment that the Right is so afraid of this observation (the recent fate of the Marsh Arabs is not being discussed anyplace but the much-maligned Guardian) that they feel it necessary to resort to character assassination ("unreliable," "no moral compass") in my regard, in hopes of marginalizing me quick before the observation gains traction.
Read it all, it is MOST satisfying and just.
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