Saturday, April 03, 2004

Bob Woodward's Source, Feels Guilt From CNN: U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell has said some of his testimony to the U.N. Security Council weeks before the start of the war in Iraq was apparently based on "flawed sources" and appeared not to be "solid." Powell's admission came in an off-camera discussion with reporters aboard his flight back to Washington from Brussels Friday evening. Powell's appearance before the Security Council on February 5, 2003, was a major event in the United States' effort to win international support for the Bush administration contention that war against Iraq was justified because of evidence that former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction. "Now it appears to be the case that it's not solid," Powell said. No shit! Of all the members of this administration, I consider Powell the most tragic. I really admired Powell, to an extent I still do. But he has been consistently outnumbered and outflanked in this administration by the Neo-Cons and their tragic and outrageously over-ambitious policy (to say the least, there are a few epithets I could add). Powell's testimony before the U.N. in early February 2003, was easily the most persuasive case the Bush Administration made in large part because even many liberals, like me, thought Powell was an honest man of great integrity. Well, that was an all around clusterf**k wasn't it? It is time for Powell to stop being the "good soldier" for Bush, and start being a good American that, unlike Robert McNamara, comes clean for his sins while they can still be somewhat assuaged, rather than having them seep deep down into the marrow where nothing can diminish the stain. In other words Colin, stop feebly leaking, and start outright speaking! UPDATE: The Guardian has more on the informant "CURVEBALL" who was the informant who gave that information about mobile chemical weapons labs, falsely, and was also Chalabi's stooge. The German's say they told us this before the war and before Powell's speech to the U.N.: "We gave a clear credibility assessment. On our side at least, there were no tricks before Colin Powell's presentation," one source told the newspaper. Great. How come the British Press is so thoroughly kicking the American Press's ass? This corporate press oligarchy not wanting to be too unfair to Bush in an election year is disgusting me. I'm getting closer to radical everyday -- and I'm too damn boring to be a radical.
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