Saturday, April 03, 2004

Pelosi shows some spine Maybe, just maybe, the press will notice that the need for Bush and Cheney to appear TOGETHER before the 9/11 Commission is a reflection of the relative incompetence and weakness of the President, and that Cheney operates the levers of power far more than any Vice-President in history. Meanwhile, the Minority Leader of the House states the obvious. Pelosi yesterday: "I think it speaks to the lack of confidence that the administration has in the president going forth alone, period," Pelosi, D-Calif., said Friday. "It's embarrassing to the president of the United States that they won't let him go in without holding the hand of the vice president of the United States." "I think it reinforces the idea that the president cannot go it alone," she said. "The president should stand tall, walk in the room himself and answer the questions." You think? Newsweek is expressing the opinion as well via Eleanor Clift. I'm sure though that Howard "Mr. Establishment Media Whore" Fineman will be there soon to reassure us this is just partisan bitterness -- the label he puts on Clarke while admitting everything Clarke says is true. We wouldn't want TRUTH to trump frickin' partisanship now would we Howard?
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