Friday, April 02, 2004

If it's a Day that ends in "Y", it must be Nutjob Editorial Day at the Wall Street Journal Reading the comments section at Political Animal, I see that the Queen of the NeoCons Laurie Mylroie, has an editorial today where she goes after Richard Clarke. Mylorie, for those who don't know, has been the intellectual driving force of Saddam=All the Evils of the World for more than a decade. The fact that virtually every one of her preditions about Iraq both under Saddam and after it was wrong, should be noted. But it also should be noted, like all cult leaders, she refuses to let go of her theory. Cognative Dissonance. Amongst the statements (which you are supposed to pay for) are: Mr. Clarke singles me out for special criticism in his book, "Against All Enemies." This is not surprising. He believes that Islamic terrorism is the work of a few individual criminals, many of them relatives. I have for years gathered the evidence that shows that terrorism is something more than a mom-and-pop operation: that it is supported by powerful states, very much including Saddam Hussein's Iraq. She then goes on to rely upon four dubious assertions, I kid you not. Let's keep this short. Ms. Mylorie has ONE issue in her life she has managed to make into policy -- that issue has turned out (as EVEN the Bush Administration admits) to be false. All post event writings on this issue of hers are post-hoc, and most importantly, lame attempts at keeping her failed theories close to her, like a cocker spaniel keeps thinking that old stuffed animal it thrashes around is really alive. ...except the cocker spaniel is less slobbery about it. UPDATE: From Abu Aardvark comes this very, very trenchant point via a Newsweek article: "Clarke says his outspokenness earned the particular enmity of Rumsfeld and his deputy, Paul Wolfowitz. Clarke is scathing about Wolfowitz, whom he depicts as obsessed with proving a conspiracy theory propounded by Laurie Mylroie, a controversial academic who contends that Iraq's Saddam Hussein was behind the World Trade Center bombing in 1993. According to Clarke, Wolfowitz commissioned former CIA director Jim Woolsey to fly to England to retrieve fingerprints of WTC bomber Ramzi Yousef, in order to show that Yousef was a "false double" inserted by Iraqi intelligence. The FBI objected to this wild-goose chase, but Wolfowitz insisted. As it turned out, the fingerprints disproved Mylroie's theory—they matched those of the Ramzi Yousef sitting in a U.S. federal prison. (When Clarke tried to tell this story in a draft of his book, it was excised by White House lawyers in a prepublication review for classified information.)" There is your evidence of the nutjob world of Ms. Mylroie.
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