Friday, April 02, 2004

A One-Fingered Salute to InstaPundit I'm sure there are some sterling legal academics at the University of Tennessee. Really, I am. But the only evidence I have is not so strong. It is tres chic for liberal bloggers to mock Glenn Reynolds, but let's be honest -- it isn't hard. For the best example of the mockery lately go here. Included are a couple of comments from some person, obviously hyped up on the goofballs, who has a substantially less popular blog than Pandagon. However, not being one to self-analyze, InstaCracker manages to go out of his way to -- without basis -- turn the disaster in Fallujah into an attack on John Kerry. See the cryptic, barely lucid, blurb here. I do believe the right, as exemplified by Instacrumpet, is in the midst of a meltdown. Each and every day, Glenn Reynolds is becoming the William Westmoreland of the blogosphere. Now I must move on to something else. Surely, its about time for Sully to lurch back to writing the Bush Hagiographies. Oh, and Sully, Reverend Moon (that guy responsible for your Washington Times paycheck) called. The New Massiah wants to see a box. Ouch.
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