Thursday, April 01, 2004

Sadly, NOT an April Fool's Joke In the rumor that cannot be true because its so ungodly insane comes this from the the ruggedly handsome academic Juan Cole: Rumors are flying around official Washington that the new US ambassador in Iraq as of July 1 will be Paul Wolfowitz. Now it's a rumor. But Cole has been easily the most accurate American I know of on what is going on in Iraq and in his predictions. He is also well-placed to get these rumors. Even better than me (I know, hard to believe anything can be more accurate than my magic can of bad salmon, peyote, and a Ouija board -- but go figure). If this comes to be though -- what a freaking potential disaster. As Cole says: It would be proof positive to the insurgents in Iraq that the US intends to reshape the country in accordance with a Zionist agenda and make Iraqis the bitches of Ariel Sharon [Mind you, I think this conspiratorial way of thinking illegitimate, but it is already a theme in Iraqi popular political discourse]. It seems unlikely to me that Wolfowitz could get the cooperation of the Shiite clerics.
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