Wednesday, March 31, 2004

And more on Stupid Quote Wednesday Once again, let's go back to part of the elder Bush's statement in the last post..."It is "deeply offensive and contemptible" to hear "elites and intellectuals on the campaign trail" First of all, the Bush family cannot avoid a WTF? moment by mocking others with the epithet "elite". Consider our current Chief Executive on this whole, "who is an elite thing". I'm not saying that John Kerry isn't an elite -- but to claim the Texas Yalie isn't an "elite" is would be the most asinine comment ever, but for its stiff and regular competition from the same group of people. You are an elite when: -- Your middle name is the same as a famous international golfing trophy, because it was named after your great grandfather. My great grandfather on my father's side was a dirt farmer (he literally grew dirt) -- You went to a private school named "Andover" -- You got into an Ivy league school as a Legacy -- You were "Keg Security" at "Skull & Bones" -- You got into the National Guard because your Dad had power and influence. -- You got to be a pilot because your Dad had power and influence. -- You managed to avoid being a pilot and get away with it because your Dad had power and influence -- You got a sweet deal to buy into a major league baseball team -- You got to be Governor of Texas because your Father was President -- You became President after your Father was President OK, well what about the other half of the claim, "intellectual"? Alright, I admit it, I see no evidence of that in the current Chief Executive. You got me.
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