Monday, July 05, 2004

Independence Day in Discomforting Form The GOP get's into early "USA Uber Alles" form for the campaign season. "This flag stands for America supporting our President, not Asking Questions", President Bush said while waving to a pair of dangerous un-Americans who were taken away for wearing T-Shirts not showing enough love for the Chimperor. On a Bus Tour through Pennsylvania, Vice President Cheney takes time out to throw baseballs at tiny, fluffy, cute little kittens. Proving once again that two beards can actually be clean shaven. I, ah, just want all of you to, um, remember, that if you do not cheer more loudly, the, um...ahem, child will be, ah, quite sorry. Well, obviously I think we can all sum this up by saying, gee, too bad I didn't vote for Sharpton. President Bush points to the area of the plane where he INSISTS he saw a creature playing with the plane's wing and engines.
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