Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Sex and the Bush From the creators of Sex and the City comes a new exciting cable show from Fox about four risque daring right-wing political operatives and the challenges of dating and American politics. Sex and the Bush features George W. Bush as George. A bumbling, meanspirited single father of two girls gone wild who must navigate the dating game of American politics while he tries to get elected on his own merits for the first time in his carefree political life. George just wants to find Mr. Right and is willing to do anything including starting a war whether in the bedroom or in the middle east to keep Mr. Right. Karl Rove is "Rover," George's best friend, confidant, and coloring book circle pal who helps his friend navigate the challenging waters of dating, sex, and electoral campaigns, when he's not out getting frisky with the new political interns. Sex and the Bush also features John Ashcroft as Johnny, George's uptight friend who just wants to find good ol' conservative rapturous crisco-heavy married sex, until he realizes that he is attracted to statues of lady justice and crushing American's hopes and dreams through the use of whips, chains, and the Patriot Act. Rounding out the group of four friends is Condaleeza Rice as Coco Condi, the sexually active, former republican convention stripper who is the unihibited member of the foursome. When she's not out working the political wonks in congress she's busy trying not to play footsie with the administration's attorney, while testifying before a Congressional committee. "All men only want one thing," she says in the pilot, "elections and erections." "We have high hopes that this show will get the word out that republicans can get 'jiggy with it' with the best of them," said the show's creator and Bush spokesman Scott Card. "Look for us at 9pm on Tuesdays, we wanted Wednesdays but it turns out that a lot of our base go to some church stuff on Wednesday nights." "Who knew that?" said an obviously exasperated Card.
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