Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Return of the Angry White Males? The mobilization of new political constuencies does not happen everyday not the least of which are the Howard Stern teenagers, some almost ready for Viagra, and those who like to listen to pottymouth pronouncements. Not a typicall constuency by any stretch of the imagination. There are men who not concerned with fiscal policy, foreign involvements, environmental issues, etc etc... but T and A and farts. Facing deprivation of what teen and preteen guys talk about in the locker rooms (sorry sisters but we males are hardly exemplary in our guy bonding moments), they are getting pissed at the Ashcroft, Bush, DeLay, Powell (Micheal of FCC), Falwell, and Robertson puritanism turned public policy. So, I guess this can only help Kerry against Junior? I wonder if Stern would be invited to the inaugural? What would he go as? Fartman? Howard Stern having impact with crusade against Bush By Steven Thomma Knight Ridder Newspapers Known more for crude talk of sex and lewd acts than politics or public policy, Stern has launched an on-air crusade he calls a "jihad" to defeat President Bush. He blames Bush for a government crackdown on his use of obscenity on the air. And he's having an impact, apparently boosting the prospects of Sen. John Kerry, D- Mass., according to a new Democratic poll released Thursday. That was welcome news to Democrats who've long ached for a liberal voice on talk radio and have watched in frustration as former comic Franken has struggled with a new program that has limited airplay. "Howard Stern is the most influential political talk-show host in America today," said Michael Harrison, the editor of Talkers magazine, which covers the talk-radio industry. Stern is going after Bush with near-obsessive zeal, a notable development in a medium in which 20 of the top 27 talk-show hosts are conservatives, including the top-rated Limbaugh and Hannity.
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