Saturday, June 26, 2004

I'd like to take a moment to thank some people I'd like to thank all of the well-compensated, wealthy, middle-aged, white people of the SCLM for informing me of what the "Truth" is. Apparently Michael Moore's charges that they did a gross disservice to the discourse of their nation in regard to the build up to the war in Iraq are not true. Now, the fact that we all know it to be true notwithstanding, it is still nice to know that what I know is not what I am supposed to know, and that by knowing what I don't know, that I therefore know the things I am not supposed to know. Know what I mean? And I would like to thank Peter Jennings and ABC News in particular for giving a negative review of Moore's new film without disclosing that they are owned by DISNEY CORPORATION which we know decided not to distribute Moore's film to avoid political discomfort. Oops, am I suppose to know that? And I would like to thank Lisa Meyers at NBC News for reporting that opinions expressed in Moore's movie are actually incorrect in her opinion and that because her opinion is different it is important to then say the film is factually wrong -- while not actually addressing the facts alleged. Not so little Lisa does that quite a bit. Am I supposed to know that? And I would like to thank Joe Scarborough for repeatedly saying that the film is a LIE, using not so little Lisa's reporting as his enabler, on MSNBC. Apparently, I am supposed to know it is a lie, even though the truth is that the "mysterious dead intern in my office guy" admits he has not seen the movie. Oopsy, am I not supposed to know any of these things? So my SCLM friends I would like to thank you for telling me not to pay attention to the things that I know, rather I am supposed to listen to you tell me that what you know is actually what I know, as opposed to what I actually do know? No need to know more. Now I know.
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