Wednesday, June 16, 2004

For that Special Republican Fetishist What is the present feeling of Republicans? -- The stark reality that is the current Bush Administration, compared to its beflightsuited past; -- Runaway budget deficits; -- The Chimperial Republic of FUBAR (Iraq); -- Torture; -- Ghost Detainees; -- International Disdain -- Outing Operatives; -- John Ashcroft; -- Fraud on Medicare Reform; -- Rush Limbaugh's drug use; -- Rush Limbaugh's divorce; -- Afghanistan going down the crapper It's all enough to make a partisan wait for the sweet release of death so they can join the Gipper at that big movie studio in the sky. Well, to ease that slide into the choir invisible you can now buy this the Reagan Casket replica available on E-Bay. Thanks to ScaramoucheBlog
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