Monday, May 24, 2004

Obviously, the British are French Surely it must be the "Chunnel" and all that other stuff, or maybe we can claim it goes all the way back to William the Conquerer, but the warfloggers will have to find a way to explain this:
LONDON - A newspaper on Saturday published what it claimed were excerpts from a leaked government memo in which British officials expressed disquiet about U.S. tactics in Iraq (news - web sites)... The Sunday Times quoted the leaked memo as indicating "the need to redouble our efforts to ensure a sensible and sensitive U.S. approach to military operations. The message seems to be accepted at the highest levels but not always implemented lower down the command chain." The newspaper said the memo was dated May 19 and circulated to senior ministers and officials last week. "Heavy-handed U.S. military tactics in Fallujah and Najaf some weeks ago have fueled both Sunni and Shiite opposition to the coalition, and lost us much public support inside Iraq," The Sunday Times quoted the memo as saying. "The scandal of the treatment of detainees at Abu Ghraib has sapped the moral authority of the coalition, inside Iraq and internationally," the document also reportedly said.
Who'd have ever thought that lack of subtlety would be an American weakness? Look at our Chimperor, is there a more subtle man alive? In other news, in light of this weekends events the White House reemphasized that the June 30th tranfer of sovereignty in Iraq will not be delayed. However, "Operation Walk & Chew Gum Simultaneously" has been indefinitely postponed.
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