Sunday, May 23, 2004

Good Thing our Chimperor Scans briefly for Liberal Bias Because he could then skip over this letter to the Editor so it will not seer his rapturous little soul.
To the Editor: In "The Hawks Loudly Express Their Second Thoughts" (Week in Review, May 16), you note that the shapers of thoughts and architects of the war now have troubling doubts about their enthusiastic support of the invasion of Iraq. How sad for them. I am the mother of Sgt. Sherwood Baker of the Pennsylvania National Guard, soldier 720. That number is seared on my soul now, along with the screams and despair of my family and the wind carrying the sound of taps above the weeping crowd at the grave site of my son. To me and mine, the consequences of the failed judgment and outright lies of the Bush administration and its apologists and spokesmen are not just becoming "depressed" or "angst-ridden." We have lost our brave and beloved son, who was ordered to the war these folks dreamed of and hoped for. The explosion that killed my son in Baghdad will go on in our lives forever. Sherwood gave the full measure of his responsibility as an American citizen doing his duty for an administration that betrayed him. CELESTE ZAPPALA Philadelphia, May 17, 2004
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